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Anita Milner has been one of America’s favorite speakers for more than two decades, captivating audiences across the country with her unique insights into the effect of humor on our lives. In her presentations, She shows people where to find humor and how to use it to their advantage. Her talks are fast-paced, lively and laughter-filled, supported by an inteligence that makes her program one of the most enlightening and entertaining around.

Anita Milner is more than a unique speaker, she is a unique individual. After receiving an M.A. in Special Education, she went on to graduate from law school at the age of 49 and passed the California Bar a year later, earning the sobriquet “The Change of Life Attorney,” proving it’s never too late to accomplish your goals.

Anita is a member of the National Speakers Association and past president of Laughmasters, a Toastmasters group specializing in humor. Among her many appearances are television guest spots on “CBS This Morning” and “America’s Funniest People.”

Anita incorporates a wealth of real life experiences into her presentations, regaling audiences with her humorous tales of dealing with life’s daily occurances, unexpected suprises and unusual circumstances. A one-of-a-kind personality, Anita is as unforgettable as her humor.