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What makes Bonnie Tick? (er, Run?)

You may notice something different about Bonnie. It starts with those tennis shoes she wears – everywhere. Graduating from San Diego University and her own “School of Hard Knocks,” Bonnie was one of the original fitness instructors, marathon runners and Kauai backpacking guides in the 70’s. Parlaying those fitness disciplines into a direct sales career, she remained a top 10% sales professional and manager for over a decade. Today, she employs her experience, curiosity, zest for life and people skills into programs that make a difference in the business of life – a cause for celebration today and every day!

What Bonnie Will Do for You

If there was only one thing to say about Bonnie’s programs, it would be that each one is totally customized for the client and their participants. That is the common denominator (along with fun!) in everything she does. The common result is results.

What’s especially amazing is that she delivered this entirely on her own with zero help. No computer. No PowerPoint. No special effects. No backup band. No backstage crew. No “people” fawning over her. Totally unplugged. Not even a microscopic trace of attitude. Not here, buddy. Working only with a suitcase of props, a pair of white running shoes, and a “hitch your SUV to a star” attitude, Bonnie Dean is a human hurricane of immense heart and boundless energy who throws off more sparks than a Shuttle launch.