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Clinton Young




  • Do you want to ignite your group’s motivation for success?
  • Do you need to raise the collective confidence of your sales team?
  • Do you want to empower new leadership in your company?
  • Do you need to develop trust and effective communication on your teams?

Known as “The Inspirationalist”, Clinton is literally writing the book on inspirational potential: Re-Igniting Your Human Spirit, Living Courageously to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams, a Self-Leadership Blueprint for High Achievers - out soon.

As a globally recognized professional keynote speaker, Clinton has recently inspired over 25,000 people around the world sharing the stage with stars like Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, and Michael Gerber.

He has been called inspiring, dynamic, entertaining, humorous, and thought provoking amongst his peers.

Drawing from 17+ years of international, corporate, and entrepreneurial experience, along with a Master’s degree in Organizational Psychology and countless global adventures, Clinton is uniquely equipped to share riveting personal stories of universal truths he’s learned on his journey to illuminate the path for others. Known as an electrifying keynote speaker, Clinton’s passion is to inspire your group to reach their full potential.

Some of his most recent clients include: Dell/EMC, Renatus National Sales Convention, University of California Berkeley, US Armed Forces, and Buckinghamshire Business First in England, among many others.


He challenges conventional wisdom
“I swear Clinton speaks to my soul every time he speaks, and it’s always right when I need it the most”, said one audience member. Unlike many speakers who regurgitate stale information, Clinton breaks the mold of typical speakers and is uniquely equipped to share riveting personal stories that illuminate universal truths he’s learned on his path.

He's a world-class presenter
“Clinton is 100% doing what he was put on this planet to do”, said a Military speech instructor after hearing Clinton’s speech. Inspiring audiences from stage is Clinton’s healthy obsession in life, and your group will reap the benefit of his passion and commitment.

He holds the audience's attention
“I have never seen our audience be so engaged with a speaker and genuinely enthralled”, said one Event Coordinator. Whether he’s speaking to university students, entrepreneurs, or corporate executives, Clinton has proven to hold the stage internationally with his insightful, thought provoking and humorous content and delivery.

He's inspirational
“Having Clinton speak to our group was an absolute gift. You can’t even imagine how much he inspired me”, said one audience member. If Clinton were a Super Hero, emotions would be his super power, and creating positive emotional movement in people through speaking is his mode of delivery.

He's easy to work with
“If you get the opportunity – work with this man”, said an executive at VaynerMedia. Meeting Planners love Clinton because he’s a consummate professional and down to earth person. He’ll ask the right questions to make sure he’s the best fit for your event objectives and will often refer other speakers if he’s not. Your audience will feel like the entire speech was written exclusively for them, and you will look like a ROCK STAR for bringing him in!


I am honored and thrilled by the opportunity to positively impact the hearts, minds, and lives of your audience.

Through my research, I’ve found that too many people, (even some of the most successful), are moving through life unconsciously, feeling stuck, lacking direction and belief in themselves.

With a mission to elevate consciousness in the world, my keynote speeches are designed to inspire you to question unexamined assumptions about what’s truly possible and empower you to discover the limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Through dynamic storytelling and engaging content, I combine unconventional wisdom gleaned from experience with actionable insights to instill confidence, empowering you to unlock your full potential.

Rather than provide a mere training where participants learn a new technique to implement in their life only to receive an incremental gain, my message allows for a paradigm shift. This shift provides a whole new lense through which to see the world resulting in exponential gains in personal fulfillment and organizational performance.

A recent audience member declared, “You challenged my mind, touched my heart, and inspired my soul”! Another proclaimed, “This is a Message for Humanity!”

It would be my honor to speak for your sales conference, corporation, university, association, entrepreneur group, pro sports team, church group, service club, or network marketing organization, delivering a world-class keynote speech, groundbreaking teambuilding half or full day program, or powerful and intimate leadership retreat.

I look forward to inspiring your organization to unlock its full potential. Invite me to speak!