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If you’re looking for a professional who exudes great health and vitality and can convince your audience to do the same, Dan Polimino is your man. With 22 years of extensive experience in both the private and corporate sectors of the fitness industry, Dan has motivated and educated people from all walks of life on the benefits of getting and staying healthy and fit. From stay-at-home moms to corporate executives to professional athletes, they’ve all achieved their personal best under Dan’s guidance.

His diverse background in motivation, personal training, nutritional counseling, health club management and fitness program design makes Dan uniquely qualified to relate to and connect with people all along the fitness continuum. Combine those talents with his expertise in a wide range of media formats, and it’s easy to see how Dan captures and inspires audiences, whether the setting is face-to-face, over the radio, on the Internet or TV.

In 2000, Dan, together with his wife, Jennifer, founded Paradigm Fitness, an innovative health and fitness company that produces books, DVDs and content for mass media. They are authors, media personalities and professional speakers. Dan is also a host, master of ceremonies and celebrity interviewer for events, TV and radio.

As a natural out-growth of their personal and professional dedication to health and fitness, Dan and Jennifer have been dubbed “America’s Healthiest Couple.” Boosted by their entrepreneurial success, they recently co-authored The Great Shape-Up Program, a unique book and workout video/DVD package that covers the serious as well as the fun side of fitness and shows how couples can capitalize on each other’s support. The books and DVDs can be found on, Borders, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, MSN Music and Amazon music.

Once word spread about The Great Shape-Up Program, Dan and Jennifer quickly became inundated with opportunities to promote their message. They are Fox-TV’s fitness experts in Denver, Colorado. Additionally, Dan and Jennifer are syndicated newspaper fitness columnists for Media News Group, reaching over a million readers a week through such publications as The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News.

Whether he is speaking to audiences at corporations and world-class resorts or motivating people watching from the comfort of their living room, Dan thrives on helping others be the best they can be-physically, spiritually and emotionally. He firmly believes that anyone can achieve fitness success by adopting common sense strategies that fit easily into busy lives and soliciting support from co workers, family and friends.

Book Dan Polimino to speak at your next meeting or event and share his message of how you can create a “CULTURE of Health.”