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Author of “THE MISSION WALKER,” 2018 Best Inspirational Book Audie Award Finalist

Adventurer: First person in history to walk the 1,600-mile El Camino Real Mission Trail through one of the hottest deserts on earth, while battling stage 4 cancer and with one lung.

Cancer Fighter: Recurrent stage 4 cancer, for eight years.

Essayist: Wall Street Journal & New York Times

Edie was arrogantly healthy and in the prime of life when she was diagnosed with stage 4 gallbladder cancer and given only 3 months to live.

Determined to beat cancer, Edie embraced treatment immediately. Cancer is smart and relentless. To beat cancer Edie and her oncology team at Stanford Cancer Center had to be more so. With tumors in nine organs, cancer kept coming back – for eight years. Against all odds, she survived 79 rounds of chemo – almost 1 million milligrams - and four radical surgeries, losing her gallbladder, 60% of her liver, part of her colon, and her right lung.

While battling active cancer and with one lung, she became the first person in history to walk the 1,600-mile El Camino Real mission trail, from Loreto Mexico to Sonoma California through one of the hottest deserts on earth.

Living on the edge of death for so many years, Edie learned that life isn’t just about breathing - it’s about moving. It’s about chasing foolish and crazy dreams and keeping the inner child alive, even in the face of death…it’s about seeking grace and connecting with God and refusing to let spirit die.

Edie’s message of ‘While alive, live’ will inspire any audience.