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Eileen Kim


Eileen Kim is a 22-year old graduate from Chapman University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, international emphasis; and a minor in music. Having grown up fluent in French, Korean, and English; Eileen realized she could leverage this unique experience to support others at the international scale. Using the $25,500 won in becoming Miss California 2019, she will further her career as she applies for law school to eventually pursue her aspiration in becoming a legal officer for the United Nations.

Eileen has been playing the violin for 19 years and after studying under the tutelage of esteemed violinists at Colburn Conservatory, the University of Minnesota, and Chapman University; she became a teacher and concertmaster of five different orchestras, including a jazz orchestra under the direction of grammy-nominated pianist, David Benoit. Having served as a leader within this community, Eileen realized the need for education of healthy coping mechanisms found within disciplines like the arts. As a result of this realization and her own story; she began advocating for mental health, self-harm awareness, and the development of healthy coping mechanisms. This passion brought about partnerships with organizations like Mental Health America and Drug Free World in order to support the movement to mandate mental health education within our nation's public education system. Eileen is eager to continue her work as she tells her story through performances, speaking engagements, and using her platform as Miss California 2019.