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Elaine Swann is one of America’s leading and most sought after Etiquette Experts. A life-long student of etiquette she has spent twenty years of research and study of the etiquette trade. She received her training in etiquette and protocol, from Elegance in Carlsbad, CA, her international protocol training from Continental Airlines Leadership Program, and her hospice bereavement training from Hospice North Coast. In addition, she is a Certified Mediator in concordance with the California Dispute Resolutions Act. Elaine is the CEO and founder of The Swann School of Protocol which is located in Carlsbad, CA.

With more than a decade of research, study and training of the etiquette trade Swann coaches businesses and individuals in workshops, seminars and on-on-one sessions. She has used her vast knowledge of the etiquette trade to educate others through her etiquette coaching series which features in-depth lessons in the area of Business, Self-Improvement, Weddings, Teens and Children’s Manners.

As a Social Commentator Ms. Swann has shared her etiquette advice on various radio programs, as well as on The TODAY SHOW, ABC, NBC, CBS, The CW, FOX News, The STYLE Network, and CNN Headline News. Her advice has appeared in publications such as Modern Bride Magazine, First For Women Magazine, the San Diego Union Tribune and several newspapers across the US. She writes a column for and

Elaine Swann serves as a Board Member for Girls Inc, she’s a member of the San Diego Association of Black Journalists, and an Arts & Entertainment Task Force member for the National Association of Black Journalists.