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Major, US Army (Retired)
Chief Operating Officer (Fired)

Many speakers talk about leadership or managing a career and hold their audiences spellbound with top 10 (top 7, top 12?) lists and jokes and high energy antics while imparting great knowledge about the theory of (something.) Unfortunately, many of these presentations are just that…theory.

Joe Garves speaks about what he knows, what he has lived, what he has seen work and what has failed. Joe takes you into the world of leading teams of people to achieve extraordinary results and into the world of managing your own career from the practical and realistic background of real experience.

As a combat soldier, Joe experienced leadership at every level. From the dirtiest and most disgusting jobs imaginable (a great story you won’t forget!) to the retelling of wartime atrocities that defy understanding, to some of the most memorable examples of military leadership in our storied history, Joe will walk you through his experiences as a military leader and show you how basic leadership lessons and principles can be applied to your leadership challenges today. These are lessons that apply to every level of leadership, to every kind of business. If you lead others or just want to lead others, you must hear what Joe has to offer.

Have you ever been fired? Do you worry that you will be fired? Are you afraid that your bosses are “moving in another direction?” Well, Joe has been down that road and that led him to a clarity that you won’t read in any book. The stories will all seem to be about you. They are universal and that’s what makes them so compelling. Get a big bonus and then get fired within two weeks? It happens (did happen to Joe), is real and is told from the painful memories or trying to rebuild a life that appeared to be in shambles. The hard lessons learned from experience have a great ending with challenges and action plans to put your professional life back on track.

Audiences are spellbound with the many, many real life stories that can only be told by someone who has lived them. No theory, no guessing, no supposing how it really works! This is real life, told only as can be told by someone who has lived the realities as Joe has.

With clients like the Club Managers Association of America, the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs, the Golden State Chapter, CMAA, and the Greater Chicago Club Managers Association, Joe’s reputation is growing as a speaker who tells it like it really is, a speaker who gives real life examples and tells real stories of what it’s like in the real world.

The takeaways alone at breakout sessions are worth the price of admission but if your need is an all-day workshop with lesson plans and study guides, you don’t need to look further. Then again, if you’re looking for the motivational keynote that will begin your conference on a high note or end it with a message that will carry your team forward, you need Joe Garves.