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Joy Lin attended the University of Texas in Austin at 15 and graduated with 3 degrees by the age of 21. While working as the science department chair in a juvenile detention center, she was inspired to create fun lesson plans to engage the incarcerated youths by incorporating popular movies in her science lessons. With the success of her lessons, she was soon nominated by her peers to the "Lessons Worth Sharing" contest sponsored by Kohl's Cares. In 2012, she was named one of 18 most inspiring educators by, which hosts TED talks among other projects. TED was so impressed with Joy, they funded a six-part animated series "If Superpowers Were Real."

The animated series premiered in 2013 on TED.Ed and received international media attention from BBC, FOX, KUT, Time Warner Cable News, mentioned on IMDb,,,, It World...and over 100 websites. The following year, Joy was named "Innovator of the Year" by Texas Classroom Teachers Association. In 2014, Joy started doing stand-up comedy and hosting Comic Con panels in various cities, including Wizard World Comic Con in Las Vegas and Austin, Texas Comic Con, Geekfest and the San Diego International Comic Con (aka THE comic con) two years in a row. Most recently, she became a published writer with her book series "Superhero Science" via Hachette UK and Barron's Educational Series in US.