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“Meeting planners love to work with Lee because he’s a pro’s pro. Audiences love to listen to him because he’s so darn funny, but also has a serious side with a powerful message to share. I’ve seen him bring attendees to tears (of joy) with his humor and make them cry with one of his touching stories.”

Susan Guzzetta


Lee gets rave reviews and high praise from meeting planners for his professionalism and personalization. Stephen Gebhart from M.G.M.A. said, “Nobody could believe you stepped in at the last minute. You did more prep work and customization in two days than other speakers do in a year. It’s no wonder you earned a standing ovation.”

Lee Silber has spoken to more than a million people in public events over the past 23 years and regularly receives standing ovations for his passion and powerful presentation style. Lorraine Sady of C.H.I.A. said, “Your keynote speech was the most motivational and entertaining keynote I’ve heard… ever.”

Silber has worked with hundreds of companies as diverse as General Electric, the San Diego Padres, Marriott Corporation, and Roche Pharmaceuticals to name just a few. Sandra Williams of S.P. Richards said, “You were awesome. In fact, the person inputting the evaluations from your session wore out the exclamation point on her keyboard. The audience loved you!”

Even his peers recognize his energy and enthusiasm. Anthony Robbins exclaimed, “I want to congratulate Lee Silber on his work in empowering people. I hope he takes pride in what he’s accomplished as a speaker and an author. I’m impressed!”

CHECKLIST: What separates Lee Silber from other speakers

__ Customized and personalized presentations that connect with audiences.

__ Stories and examples to speed up learning make key points memorable.

__ Experienced professional making the meeting planner’s job much easier.

__ Timely topics and a solution-oriented approach provides valuable take-aways.

__ Multimedia presentations create an entertaining experience instead of a speech.

__ Consistently delivers a meaningful message igniting lasting change.

__ Fun and interactive presentation style involves the audience early and often.

__ Innovative ideas on dozens of different topics based on his best selling books.

__ Celebrity speaker with major media appearances on CNN, NBC, and the BBC.

__ Funny and entertaining delivery gets every crowd laughing… and learning.



  • 2016: Sunshine (Novel)
  • 2015: The Homeless Hero (Novel)
  • 2013: No Brown M&M's
  • 2012: Runaway Best Seller (Novel)
  • 2011: Show and Tell Organizing
  • 2011: The Ripple Effect
  • 2010: Creative Careers
  • 2010: Bored Games
  • 2009: The Wild Idea Club
  • 2009: Creative Careers
  • 2009: The Organized Computer
  • 2008: Rock To Riches
  • 2007: Chicken Soup For The Beach Lover’s Soul
  • 2004: Organizing From The Right Side Of The Brain
  • 2002: Summer Stories
  • 2002: Money Management For The Creative Person
  • 2001: Self-Promotion For The Creative Person*
  • 1999: Career Management For The Creative Person
  • 1998: Time Management For The Creative Person
  • 1995: Aim First
  • 1994: Notes, Quotes & Advice
  • 1993: Successful San Diegans
  • 1991: Dating in San Diego


*Winner of The Theodore S. Geisel Award and Best Book of the Year