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Hailing from Southern California, Michael Nelder is passionate about guiding people in discovering their own unique voices regardless of age, race, gender, socio-economic status or religious belief. Michael fully embraces his purpose in his work as a poet, writer, and speaker believing in the life changing power of people’s stories.

Born in LA, Michael relocated to Oceanside as a young boy after his father became a pastor at a local church. During this time, he would begin to discover his deep spiritual roots; undying love for speaking, and an intense need to communicate through writing all that was turning inside his soul.

“God speaks best to me through poetry”


While attending community college in Santa Monica, CA, Michael discovered Spoken Word Poetry at a Black Student Association meeting. The highly transformative experience opened up a whole new world of self-expression, and it didn’t take long before he set out to embrace poetry as a God given gift. He would perfect his art through performing in the underground poetry scenes of Los Angeles and San Bernardino County, founding Azusa Pacific University’s first poetry organization and competing in poetry slam competitions.

Through the years, Michal has been invited to share his story at many universities including UCLA, USC, Cal State Fullerton, Cal State Dominguez Hills, University of La Verne and more. He has been commissioned to write and perform poetry for conferences, concerts, schools, rallies, churches, chapels and private venues. Most recently, he was invited to give a TED Talk on the power of poetry in self-examination.

For Michael, life has always been about searching for truth and examining the questions that require more than one word answers. He believes in using his voice to uplift the world and aid in positive social change and his writing as way to reclaim uniqueness in a society that pushes people to become like everyone else.