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Pamela Hale, M.A., will open your eyes, your heart and your mind with images from her camera and from your own imagination. Drawing from the wisdom of indigenous medicine traditions, Pam weaves her presentations from entertaining stories, powerful metaphors, stunning photographs, and the wisdom she has gathered from a 50-year journey through the fields of education, photography, organization development and fundraising, and a deep exploration into personal development and the human evolutionary journey. A graduate of Stanford and Columbia Universities, Pam is a coach, facilitator, author, and creator of classes, sacred circles and retreats for women. Her continuing education has qualified her as an energy healer, a spiritual mentor, a mediator and a voice of wisdom.

Author of the award-winning book, Flying Lessons: How to Be the Pilot of Your Own Life, Pam unpacks stories of earning her private pilot’s license at 56, and the seven flying lessons she identifies as key lessons for our lives. You’ll see how these lessons and the multi-layered system Pam has created around them can help you overcome any kind of obstacle—without leaving the ground. You’ll take a “flight assessment” to see which lesson is the one that will benefit you the most at this moment.

Creator of the Sand Spirits Insight Cards and trainings, Pam made abstract photographic images on a Mexican beach that reveal forms and figures that can become symbols revealing your intuitive wisdom about any challenge facing you. Discovered two weeks before Pam’s first diagnosis of breast cancer, the images were part of her healing journey and have now helped thousands of people. A two-time survivor, Pam responded by studying energy medicine and indigenous wisdom for the planet through travels to Central America, Native American tribes, and most recently to Nepal and Tibet. The wisdom tools she has gathered are timely and practical for both personal and organizational challenges we all face in this time of intense change.