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“Hands down, the most customized keynote presentation I have seen in 20+ years in the corporate event arena.” – Actio Marketing for Choice Hotels

Every organization’s future is unique, which is why Richard’s presentation is crafted specifically for your organization. And the proof is that Richard forwards his speaking notes to the conference organizers shortly before the event, asking for their comments and suggestions on how he can move it even closer to the bulls-eye of what you need for your conference.

“Enlightening…Funny…Honest…One of the most interesting presentations by a most eye-opening speaker that I’ve heard in a very long time” – Comment from a conference on the future of IT

Richard knows that a conference needs the sizzle as well as the steak. His presentations are intriguing, challenging, useful, and even funny, but with take-aways that your conferees can use immediately.

People are always interested in the future, and the future is a topic that’s right for every conference. People come to your conferences to learn about and think about the future – and Richard makes the future understandable where it’s complicated, accesible when it seems threatening, and useful when it seems full of twists and turns.

Richard is a Chartered Financial Analyst, best-selling author, and today’s leading futurist. “A futurist needs to be useful as well as right. It’s not either-or, it’s both – and that’s what I aim for.”