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Dr. Rick Kirschner


Looking for a naturally funny and authentic speaker who can inspire your audience with ideas that have an impact? Whether it’s for a keynote, workshop or breakout session; a handful of executives or several thousand attendees; Rick will organize his material to meet your needs as a client and to support your conference theme.

Dr. Rick Kirschner is a best selling author, educator and renowned presenter whose timeless topics and energetic delivery have touched people’s lives and improved organizational performance the world over.

With such clients as Heineken, NASA, Starbucks, ToysRUs, and Texas Instruments, and as a faculty member with the Institute for Management Studies, Rick speaks on positive change, bringing out the best in people (even at their worst!), how to increase your influence through the art of persuasion, and how to connect, relate and communicate when it counts. Audiences love his playful humor, his insights, and his grasp of the issues they deal with every day.

From CNBC and FOX to MSNBC and the Wall Street Journal, from USA Today to Honey Magazine, Rick is a sought after resource on the changing workplace and interpersonal communication. He is the bestselling author and coauthor of eight books, including his coauthored international bestseller, Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst, (McGraw Hill; now in it’s third edition) his previous work, the comprehensive communication skills training program Insider’s Guide To The Art of Persuasion, and his most recent work, How To Click With People: The Secret To Better Relationships In Business And In Life (Hyperion Books).