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“The Teen Truth team of JC Pohl and Erahm Christopher brilliantly translated their message for a human resources audience, an audience that faces many of the same pressures and issues of bullying that students face. The convention theme this year was “Making a Difference.” JC and Erahm demonstrated how businesses can make good strategic decisions for their organizations by making a difference in the lives of their employees and families. And they did it with passion and compassion.”

Bud Bernstein

Convention Manager

Maine HR Convention

“Schools would be a much better and safer place if every elementary, and high school student had an opportunity to participate in this program.  Today’s event affords the State Legislature an inside and first-hand look at the disrespect and harm many kids face on a daily basis. My colleagues and I applaud the TEEN TRUTH: LIVE program for all the positive effects it is making throughout the nation.”

Senator Mark Ridley-Thomas

District 26, California

“The anti-bullying workshop was outstanding today at LHS.  Erahm Christopher (Machado) did a terrific job with the presentation and video.  Our kids received an added benefit of hearing from Ryan Bellflower.  Ryan was the high school autistic basketball player last year who played the last few minutes of the East Clovis High School game and made a 3-point shot at the buzzer (you might have seen this on the news)! He has overcome a lot in life and it was very inspirational for our students to hear. Great Job!”

“When Erahm and the Teen Truth crew return later this spring we plan to have the presentation with our 7th & 8th graders.”

Dr. Ronald Estes, Superintendent 

Linden Unified School District, California

“I had many teachers tell me what a great assembly that was...such a positive, encouraging message. You’ve done a wonderful thing, JC. And I could totally tell that the kids really connected with you. And they respected you. Personally, I really enjoyed everything about the presentation. We would love to have you back next year!”

Melissa Amerian, Activity Director

Chaparral High School, California

“The three assemblies for our freshman students last week generated powerful results.  The nature of the presentation and your “real life, straight up” presentation style were right on the money for this group of students.  The video was powerful and moving and when combined with the presentation opened the eyes of our students to the dangerous potentiality of tolerating bullies on campus.  The follow up activity, out of the TEEN TRUTH curriculum, focused on support systems for our students.  Based on student response, the importance of adequate support systems was evidenced.  This information helped us evaluate student access to school support systems and make appropriate revisions.  The trauma of divorce, substance abuse, bullying and other personal challenges our students all to frequently face, underscore the need for a presentation of this nature. I know we will definitely bring you back for our frosh class next year.”

Joel Johannsen, Principal

Escalon High School, California

“WOW! JC came to my school lompoc senior high and i got to say i was crying like i heard the no bullying thing all my life but when you see what it causes how it makes people feel what theyre capable of doing it really wakes you up and it woke me up very quickly sooo thanks the video really really helped and i just bought a copy so ill spread the word.”

Jessica, 9th Grade Student

Lompoc Senior High School, California

“The presentation was so powerful, and Erahm Christopher is a great public speaker. I was amazed he was able to elicit responses and feedback out of teenagers that are usually “too cool” to participate. It was great afternoon and I will be contacting the schools to see what can be arranged.”

Deanna Staggs, Director Health Center

Stockton Unified School District, California

“JC, I really liked your movie because even though I didn’t plan on thinking yesterday your film really made us think. Everybody was talking about it for the rest of the day. Your film touched everybody. It got us to realize that if we see something that we know is wrong and we don’t tell a responsible adult we’re part of it and if something happense we’re going to regret not telling them. Your film really inspired me to make a difference. Yesterday I talked to people that nobody does. I also tried not to judge people’s feelings by what somebody looks like on the outside. Many kids took your challenges and said they would make a change and not let something happen to us like the other schools did”

Nereyda, 7th Grade Student

Tommie Kunst Junior High School, California

“you guys are pretty much the coolest people out there, you’ve probably changed so many peoples perspectives on life since your going around and giving the most amazing presentations to schools. you guys like need to go on oprah. or my main man dr. phill. Love you guys.”

Beth, 7th Grade

Johnson Middle School, California

“JC, the assembly yesterday was very inspirational. It showed that bullying can result in fights, and killing. We, as the students here at Pine, should be able to stop that and make a difference. I know it wasn’t meant to be scary, but the video scared me and I want to include everyone now and be nice to everyone, even if I dislike them. It showed me the truth!”

Anonymous, 8th Grade Student

Pine Middle School, Nevada

“I wanted to let you know again how much of an impact that video had on me, and how it connects to my life and the life of High School.  There are so many stories that I have that have gone unsaid that I want to tell, and there are so many things that I want to change that have gone unchanged.  Watching your production made me notice that there is someone else out there like me that wishes to tell these stories and make changes. This is part of the reason I got so emotional today at school, that there is actually change occurring.”

Ricky, 10th Grade Student 

Linden High School, California

“I just wanted to thank you for your presentation today at Morada.  I’m an 8th grade Reading Language Arts teacher at the school and was able to get some good feedback from my students.  I know the kids are filling out a questionnaire, but my students also did some writing on their impressions of the assembly and I thought you might like to read them.  I was impressed with how much they had to say on the topic (usually getting them to be quiet and write for 10 minutes is a challenge, but today you could hear a pin drop).
Thanks for doing such a great job and they also were impressed with you as a presenter! :)”

Correen Nichols-Davis

Morada Middle School, California

“I was really impressed with your presentation and video on Bullying in school.  I was really touched by the message.  I know the students were as well.”

Melda Gaskins Ed.D.

Director, Pupil Services

Modesto City Schools, California

“I am a student at Escalon high school. You were at my school today and I wanted to say that your presentation made an impact on me. I think that from now on I will be more compassionate when it comes to bullying. It is frightening to think that one of my classmates or upperclassmen could possibly pushed so far as to bring a weapon to school. Thank you for coming to our school!!”

Miranda, 10th Grade Student

Escalon High School, California

“Dear JC, Thank you for coming to our school and showing us the real world. The video that you showed us really made me think. It made me think about the way I treat people and the way people treat me. Now I will think before I say something or do something. You really helped show the kind of things that can happen to people that bully and, or being bullied. Thank you ver much for your time and presence.”

Nina, 7th Grade Student

Tommie Kunst Junior High School, California

“Great presentation today.. it is a great movie and it makes everybody to think about before acting.. and u make think that i can really become a soccer player because thats my dream to play soccer and become pro. and you make me think i really can do it with out hearing people saying bad things about me.. thank you nd good luck on everything.”

Francisco, 12th Grade Student

Escalon High School, California

“I listened to your presentation at Duncan Russell and I have to say I really appreciate how you have told us about how we should all pursue our goals in life, no matter how many people doubt us.”

Anonymous Student, 12th Grade Student

Duncan Russell Continuation School, California

“JC Pohl, You understand us, and I want you to know that you are the most completely honest person I’ve ever met.” 

Evelyn, 8th Grade Student

Tommie Kunst Junior High School, California

“The movie was really touching. It was a really good movie, and it was worth my time.”

Nhi, 7th Grade

Morada Middle School, California

“hey mr. christopher!!! i just wanted to say that its great what u guys are doing because it awakened all of us students what bulleying or being bulleyed can do. and im sure that no students want to ever witnessed a school shooting or being in one.. im glad u showed us that amazing video..i hope more students would take this serious and would support it...i wish you guys great luck for the incoming future!!!”

Chelsea, 8th Grade

Morada Middle School, California

“Hi, I go to Waterloo Middle School, and had a Teen Truth presentation at my school today. It was really nice to see that a lot of people are struggling with peer pressure at school, and that I’m not the only one. My life story involves a lot of tragedy, pain, and hard work. I don’t have it very easy. I always kind of thought that everyone else was completely happy with themselves and was doing fine. But that video helped me to know that everyone has stress and problems from Middle/High School. I’ve been bullied, and I’ve been made fun of and a lot of times, that caused me to do some weird things, such as lock myself in my room and cry myself to sleep. When I hear about shootings at schools around the world, I first feel outraged at the students who would actually shoot someone at their own school. But then after a while, I feel sorry for the shooter. I can relate to their actions, {not that I would ever go as far as to shoot someone,} but I know that there were unpleasant events in the shooters life leading up to the shooting. The video made me feel a lot better, and I really hope that all students benefited from the video the way I did. Thanks so much for the Presentation. I feel better now.”

Leslie, 8th Grade

Waterloo Middle School, California

“JC, The day after your presentation the school overall felt more peaceful and loving. Thank you for the experience.”

Allyson, 8th Grade Student

Tommie Kunst Junior High School, California

“On March 28, 2007, students and teachers at Selwyn House School in Montréal, Canada, were privileged to see Erahm Christopher’s new short film “Teen Truth: An Inside Look at Bullying and School Violence,” and to participate in a stimulating and provocative round table. The film uses the 1999 Columbine School massacre as a backdrop to illustrate the most extreme response that can result from bullying. The film is affecting in many ways, and it inspired students and teachers to consider more deeply why and how bullying occurs. For example, the next day a Grade 7 class created a mind-map around the word “bully” to investigate further the sources and effects of bullying. In fewer than five minutes, the whiteboard was full. Following this, students watched the National Film Board of Canada’s animated short, “Bully Dance.” This short echoes the point of “Teen Truth,” which is that all aspects of bullying are hurtful and alienating. Watching Mr. Christopher’s film was timely as the Middle School recently began reading The Chocolate War by Robert Cormier, a novel that addresses similar themes: bullying, the power of fear, conformity, and surviving loss. As a reminder of the lessons learned from “Teen Truth,” the class produced anti-bullying bookmarks to use as they read The Chocolate War. In all, this was a very valuable experience for students and teachers because one highly valued tenet of Selwyn House’s is to help students and teachers create and support the growth of a civil community, whereby everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to enjoy school life on safe and peaceful terms. We thank Mr. Christopher for his candor and inspiration, and hope that his enterprise continues to have positive results in every community that sees this special film and hears his story.”

Robert H. Bouskill

Middle School Teacher

Selwyn House School, Montreal, Canada