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Troy Clark


Motivational Lectures on Success:

  • It’s Never Too Late To Succeed
  • Success And Failure: Twins For Life
  • Failure To Success / 2nd Chance Success
  • Quitting on the Brink of Greatness
  • Your Strength: The Greatness In YOU
  • Starting and Finishing
  • Balancing Business Life And Personal Life: Together Again
  • Your Comfortless Zone
  • Faith Principles Toward Successful Business
  • Inspiring Selling Stories of Success
  • Secrets To Closing The Sale: There’s More to Closing A Sale than Selling
Participants Learn:
  • How Average People Accomplish Extraordinary Things In Business
  • How Winners think, plan, focus, and most importantly – Act!
  • Lessons From Failure Are Stepping Stones To Richness
  • How To Enjoy A Successful Day, When Your World Is Falling Apart
  • How To Turn A Failure Into A Success
  • YOUR Comfort Zone
  • Stress Under Control
  • What It Takes To Win

Motivational Lectures on Attitude:

  • Positive In A Negative World
  • Winners That Rise Above The Rest
  • Thinkfulness To Thankfulness
  • The Real YOU
  • God Can Do It Anywhere
Participants Learn:
  • How To Maximize Your Strength Toward Success.
  • Allow Not Your Weakness To Control You.
  • The “Happy Place” Of Failure.
  • How Winners Think
  • Act, Don’t React

Motivational Lectures on Successful Selling:

  • How To Average 1-4 Daily Sales
  • Steps To Closing A Sale *(Each Step in Detail)
  • Appointment Setting that virtually eliminates “No-Shows”
  • Collect Referrals *Adds 1-4 sales per wk to an agent’s production total!
  • My BEST HIGHLY EFFECTIVE Winning Rebuttals to all common Customer Objections
  • Role Play Scenarios
  • Call Reluctance – and how I overcame it.
  • Customer Warm-up / Identify Customer Need / Qualify Your Customer
  • Dress attire, Eating habits, Rest, Exercise – ALL connect to closing one sale TODAY!
  • Explain Your Benefits = “Connect-The-Dots” For Your Customer
  • Squeeze A Lead
  • OWN Your Skill-Set
  • Agent Sales Schedule – The SECRET to my success in averaging 14 sales per week!!!
Participants Learn:
  • Psychology of a Buying Customer
  • Masterful, Successful Selling Secrets Shared
  • How To Close A Sale *(Each Step in Detail)
  • How To Close a Referral-Lead Sale
  • All important “Tie-Downs”
  • Create Your Own Agent Schedule
  • Overcoming Call Reluctance
  • Winning Rebuttals To All Common Customer Objections
  • Plan “B” & “C”, if you have a “No Show” appointment
  • Best Methods To Collecting Referrals
  • Winning Sales Verbiage / “Chit-chat” Skills
  • When To “Ask For The Sale”
  • Masterful Appointment Setting
  • Proper, Effective Cold Calling
  • How Winners Win Consistently