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Bob Hamer retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation after 26 years as a Special Agent. He worked organized crime, gangs, terrorism, and child exploitation. Much of his career was spent undercover. In assignments lasting anywhere from several days to more than three years, Bob successfully posed as a drug dealer, contract killer, residential burglar, fence, pedophile, degenerate gambler, international weapons dealer, and white-collar criminal.

He worked undercover against such diverse groups as the La Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian, Mexican, and Russian mafias, Asian organized crime groups, and Los Angeles based street gangs. His successful infiltration of NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) resulted in the arrest of eight members of what one defendant called the organization’s “inner circle.”

Bob received numerous awards throughout his career including the coveted FBI Director’s Award for Distinguished Service, four United States Attorney Awards for Distinguished Service, and numerous letters of commendation including one from then US Attorney Rudy Giuliani.

Bob is a member of the Writers Guild of America and the Writers Guild of Canada and has written for television. He has worked as the technical advisor for The Inside and Angela’s Eyes and has consulted for Law & Order: SVU and Sleeper Cell. He has appeared as a guest on Oprah. His first book, The Last Undercover: The True Story Of An Fbi Agent’s Dangerous Dance With Evil (Hachette Book Group, USA, Center Street Press) won the 2009 San Diego Book Awards Association Best Memoir. His debut novel, Enemies Among Us (B&H Publishing, Fidelis) was published in March, 2010. Targets Down, the second novel in the Matt Hogan series, releases June 1, 2011

A Marine Corps veteran, Bob is married and has two children.