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Dr. Tony Alessandra

Customer Service, Sales, Business Personalities

Chris Atley

Inspiration, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Subconscious mind & Success expert

Simon T Bailey

Change, Communicating, Customer Service/Loyalty, Keynotes, Leadership, Motivation, Personal Growth, Presentation Skills/Public Speaking, Team Building

Dave Balch

Motivation, Stress Management, Breast Cancer-related Events, Employee Rallies, Personal Enrichment Programs and Employee Wellness Programs/Events

Ross Bernstein

Leadership, Motivation, Team-Building, Ethics & Accountability, Passions & Legacies, Sales

Rocky Bleier

Team Building, Motivation, Leadership

Walter Bond

Accountability, Employee Relations, Leadership, Sales

Les Brown

Motivation, Speech Coach, Sales, Mentoring, Cancer Conqueror, Trainer

Hattie Bryant

Small Business, Leadership, Inspiration, Healthcare for Baby Boomers

Daniel Burrus

Change, E-Culture, Leadership, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Future of Healthcare

Karyn Buxman

Humor, Motivation, Stress Management, Balance, Change, Women's Issues/Health, Customer Service

Colette Carlson

Leadership, Communication, Stress Management, Sales, Women, Gender, Attitude, Empowerment, Balance, Life Balance, Motivation, Emcee

Steven Cates

Attitude, Change, Ethics and integrity, Inspiration, Keynotes, Leadership, Motivation, Personal Growth, Productivity, Sales, Self-esteem, Stress Management

Jim Cathcart

Customer Service, Sales, Rethinking, Personal Growth

Erahm Christopher

Attitude, Bullying, Community Involvement, Creative Thinking, Conflict Resolution, Education, Entrepreneurship, Keynotes, Leadership, Motivation, Parenting, Relationships, School Culture, Self-Esteem, Small Business, Stress Management, Youth

Simon Croom

Change, Customer Service, Education, Management, Business Relationships, World Class Business, Global Economy

Simon Croom

Helps companies accelerate growth by creating profound customer experiences

Tiamo De Vettori


Bonnie Dean

Motivation, Leadership

Joseph Diehl

Licensed Professional Auctioneer

Kiran Dintyala

BurnOut Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Performance Coach. Topics: Prevent Professional Burnout, Unleash the Power of a Calm Mind, Turn Around Stressful Situations, Leverage Stress to Find Success, Find Lasting Peace, Joy, and Balance

Mimi Donaldson

Humor, Team Building, Gender Issues, Negotiation Skills, Stress Management, Management

Samantha Ettus

Keynotes, Leadership, Employee Retention, Work/Life Balance, Motivation, Productivity

Mary Feeley

Humor, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service

Ron Feingold

Humor, Emceeing

Tony Ferretti

Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Difficult People/Conflict Resolution, Relationships, Servant Leader, Health, Stress, Self-Esteem, Success, Communication, Spirituality, Balance

MacKenzie Freed

Miss California 2018

Scott Friedman

Humor, Inspiration, Engagement

Patricia Fripp

Presentation Skills, Sales Presentation Skills, Leadership Communication

Joe Garves

Career Management, Leadership

LaDonna Gatlin

Motivation/Inspiration, Entertainment, Change

Jack Gilbert

The Future of Healthcare, Leadership, Change, Ethics and Integrity

Lawana Gladney

Appreciating Diversity, Balance, Gender Issues, Health, Leadership, Motivation, Keynotes, Stress Management

Wendy Gladney

Balance, Body Image, Branding, Community Involvement, Conflict Resolution, Emceeing, Entrepreneurship, Etiquette, Health, Health Care, Inspirational, Keynotes, Motivational, Parenting, Spirituality

Mark Grant

Youth, Education

Carolyn Gross

Balance, Business Personalities, Business Relationships, Cancer, Career Management, Creative Thinking, Health, Health Care, Inspirational, Keynotes, Motivation, Personal Growth, Stress Management, Success, Workplace Negativity, Team Building

Bill Habermehl

Education, Motivation

Julie Hadden


Richard Hadden

Emceeing, Employee Relations, Hiring, Inspirational, Keynotes, Leadership, Management, Presentation Skills/Public Speaking, Productivity, Talent Management, Workplace Negativity

Pamela Hale

Attitude, Balance, Body Image, Change, Conflict Resolution, Creative Thinking, Education, Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Integrity, Fundraising, Future, Health, Inspirational, Keynote, Leadership, Motivation, Personal Growth…

Bob Hamer

Veteran undercover FBI special agent and author. Relates long-term undercover assignments and address such diverse topics as leadership, protecting children, and faith/spirituality.

Jerry Holl

Personal Initiative, Internal Team Development, Appreciation/Retention, Client Acquisition

Norma Hollis

Communication, Engagement, Leadership, Team Building, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking

Suzie Humphreys

Motivation, Inspiration, Humor, Change, Attitude

Todd Huston

Addiction, Attitude, Change, Inspirational, Keynotes, Last Minute Speakers, Leadership, Motivation, Personal Growth, Self-esteem

AmyK Hutchens

Sales, Leadership, Innovation, Communications, Creative Thinking, Team Building

Iron Icons

Advanced Goal Setting, Attitude, Change, Health, Humor, Inspirational, Keynotes…

Dale Irvin

Humor, Emcee

Megan Johntz

Leadership, Spirituality, Success, Customer Service, Gender Issues, Communication, Stress, Sales, Management, Team Building, Self Esteem, Motivation

Dr. Willie Jolley

Attitude, Change, Customer Service, Education, Inspiration, Keynotes, Leadership, Motivation, Parenting, Personal Growth, Productivity, Relationships, Spirituality, Success, Team Building, Workplace Negativity, Youth

Marian Kelly

Humor, Gender Issues, Stress Management, Body Image, Self-Esteem, Personal Growth

Eileen Kim

Miss California 2019

Frank King


Dr. Rick Kirschner

How To Click With People, Influence and The Art of Persuasion, Bringing Out The Best In People At Their Worst

Business Personalities, E-Culture, Entrepreneurship, Emceeing, Humor, Keynotes, Leadership, Management, Small Business

Career Transition, Leadership, and Decision Making

Superpower Educator

Conflict Avoidance/Dealing With Difficult People, Sales, Team Building, Balance, Communicating, Leadership, Change

Branding, Business Personalities, Communicating, Community Involvement, Ethics & Integrity, Humor, Inspirational, Keynotes, Last Minute Speakers, Leadership, Marketing, Motivation, Small Business

Integrating Self-discovery & Business Mastery

Communication, Team Building, High-Touch Relationships in High-Tech Times, Staying Positive, Motivation, Education, Keynotes

Generational Diversity, Millennials, The Multi-Generational Workforce, Innovation

Change and Resiliency, Leadership, Women in Leadership, Communications, Life Balance

Humor, Emceeing

Motivation, Change, Customer Service, Leadership, Teamwork, Safety, Balancing Work & Home

Humor, Emceeing

Keynotes, Customer Service, Sales, Personal Development, Change Management, Leadership, Education, Youth, Motivation, Success, Inspiration

Shana Merlin

Team Building, Leadership, Humor

Tough Times, Stress Management, Healthcare, Balance, Time Management, Difficult People, Productivity in a Changing World, Attitude, Communicating, Inspirational, Leadership, Workplace Negativity

Jeff Miller

Counterterrorism, Crisis Communications, Public Safety, Security, Risk Assessments

Tracy Miller



Creating a Motivated Environment, The Ways of a Champion, How to Build a Team, How To Get Your Point Across, Shaping Winning Attitudes

Victoria Moran

Motivation, Creative Thinking, Health, Body Image, Spirituality, Balance, Stress Management, Self Esteem, Humor, Inspirational

Bree Morse

Attitude, Body Image, Education, Emceeing, Self Esteem, Youth

LTCOL Patricia Murray

Appreciating Diversity, Attitude, Balance, Branding, Business personalities, Creative Thinking, Ethics & Integrity, Gender issues, Inspirational, Keynotes, Motivation, Personal Growth, Promoting Yourself, Self Esteem, Stress Management, Team Building

Michael Nelder

Self-Esteem, Race/Diversity, Faith/Spirituality, Writing Creatively, Thinking Creatively, Speaking Creatively, Inspiration/ Motivation, The Power of the Spoken Word, Writing As A Tool To Grow Deeper In Faith, Asserting Your Uniqueness Through Poetry…

Michael Nelder

Emceeing, Health, Healthcare, Humor, Keynotes, Last Minute Speakers, Parenting, Stress Management

Aden Kirschner Nepom

Team Building, Leadership, Humor

Patrick O'Dooley

Motivation, Customer Service, Sales, Team Building, Attitude, Eemcee, Inspirational, Personal Growth

John O'Leary

Attitude, Health Care, Inspirational, Keynotes, Leadership, Motivation, Personal Growth, Safety

Leslie Padilla-Williams

Customer Service; Education; Entrepreneurship; Keynote; Parenting; Small Business

Harry Paul

Motivation, Management, Customer Service, Employee Loyalty, Customer Loyalty, Sales, Employee Engagement

JC Pohl

Attitude, Bullying, Community Involvement, Creative Thinking, Conflict Resolution, Education, Entrepreneurship, Keynotes, Leadership, Motivation, Parenting, Relationships, School Culture, Self-Esteem, Small Business, Stress Management, Youth

Dan Polimino

Body Image, Change, Emceeing, Health, Motivation, Personal Growth, Spirituality, Stress Management

Vince Poscente


Sanjay Raja

Nutrition & Fitness

Tim Richardson

Motivation, Success, Customer Service, Sales, Leadership, Management

Steve Rizzo

Humor, Success, Change, Career Management

Will Roberts

Selling, Motivational, Organization, Humor

Karen Rontowski

Humor, Emceeing

Silver Rose

Sales, Relationships, Customer Service, Leadership/Mentoring, Change

Dr. Carolyn Ross

Balance, Change, Gender Issues, Health, Stress Management

Dr. Jeff Salz

Motivation, Creative Thinking, Customer Service, Team Building, Communicating, Leadership, Change, Balance

Barbara Sanfilippo

Motivation, Customer Service, Sales, Change, Leadership

Ann Schatz

Media, Communication

Bob Schoultz

Leadership, Team Building, Character, Ethics and Moral Development, and Creativity

Dr. Gary Schwantz

Attitude, Balance, Communication, Humor, Inspirational, Keynote, Last Minute, Leadership, Listening, Management, Motivation, Personal Growth, Relationships, Stress Management, Talent Management, Time Management

Milo Shapiro

Motivation, Humor, Presentation Skills, Communicating, Inspirational, Risk Taking, Team Building, Keynotes, Attitude, Change, Creative Thinking

Sandra A. Shelton

Engaged Workforce, Leadership, Hiring, Customer Service, Workplace Relationships

Lee Silber

Positive and personalized programs on a wide range of topics including how to think quick, save time, find balance, lead by example, win over customers, and learn to love your job.

Scott Silverman

Addiction, Fundraising, Inspirational, Personal Growth And Change, Prisoner Re-Entry, Reducing Recidivisum, Prisoner Re-Alignment, Working With The Crimanal Justice System, Social Entrepreneurship, among many others

Jillian Smith

Miss California 2017

Patrick Snow

Accountability, Attitude, Balance, Career Management, Change, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship, Humor, Inspirational, Keynotes, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Motivation, Productivity, Self-Promotion, Success, Youth

Mike Song


Edie Littlefield Sundby

Author of “THE MISSION WALKER,” Best Inspirational Book Award Finalist (HarperCollins, Publisher).

Teen Truth Live

School Culture, Bullying, Drugs and Alcohol, Attitude, Change, Communicating, Community Involvement, Conflict Resolution, Education, Inspirational, Keynotes, Leadership, Motivation, Personal Growth, Team Building, Youth

Chris Toledo

Attitude, Balance, Body Image, Change, Communicating, Confidence Building, Creative Thinking, Emceeing, Health, Humor, Inspirational Messenger, Key Notes…

Bruce Tulgan


Erik Wahl

Creativity, Leadership, Keynotes, Motivation, Productivity

Ron Williams

Leadership, Motivation, Team-Building, Employee Engagement

Richard Worzel

Futurist, Change, Creative Thinking, Finances, Global Economy, Last minute speakers, Management, Sales, Innovation, Farming & Food

Luke Yankee


Clinton A. Young

Inspirational Keynotes, Sales Motivation, Self Leadership, Positive Change, Developing Trust Across Teams, Team Building, Empowered Communication, Employee Engagement, Company Culture, Hiring & Retention of Top Tier Talent, University Commencements/Orientations/ Careers, Student Leadership

Mayumi Young