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Scott H. Silverman


Silverman is a charismatic speaker and coach with a passion for helping people achieve their passions in life. He is the author of Tell Me No, I Dare You: A Guide for Living a Heroic Life and is both locally and nationally recognized as a leader in the field of workforce development. He has received numerous awards and honors including recently being named “CNN Hero of the Week” and the City of San Diego honored him by selecting February 19 as “Scott Silverman Day” for his contributions to the community. For over two decades he was the Executive Director and Founder of Second Chance, a human services agency that is committed to breaking the cycle of unemployment, poverty, and homelessness by offering job readiness training, employment placement assistance, mental health counseling, case management, and affordable housing referrals to people who desire to change their lives. Over the past 15 years Scott has assisted more than 24,000 people in San Diego gain employment!

Unfiltered and to the Core

Scott has a reputation for talking the talk and walking the walk. His passion, animation and humor transforms his speaking events into an experience. His unique style grabs and holds your attention as he uses his own obstacles and triumphs to craft a message that transcends his personal journey in a way that anyone can relate to. Scott is known for his ability to cut to the core of the topic, with raw and refreshing honesty, to deliver a provoking message with an impact. Before you leave you will have new tools and techniques that you can begin using in your car on the way back to your office or home that will bring positive change in your life and career.

Over the past two decades, Scott has become an expert in life change, job readiness, motivation, non-profit funding and many other topics.