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The Story: Silver Rose was born and grew up in Boston. She went to San Diego City College, majoring in Journalism. When her family moved to Nevada she joined them and began her meteoric career. She was Administrative Assistant to the Governor of Nevada at 23. At age 25, she owned an insurance agency. Silver was selected as one of the Outstanding Young Women of America. She was recruited by a British Media Tycoon to be his second in command including serving as Creative Director and Head of Sales. For the next 20 years she was in the Computer industry where her three specialties were Human Resources, Sales and Marketing. Three of her management positions included Manager of Sales Database, Manager of Marketing Intelligence and Vice President of Sales & Marketing where she grew sales by 250%. For the last decade, Silver has been a Professional Speaker, heading her own Management Consulting and Executive Coaching Practice. Her late husband advised on and managed investments for pension funds. Silver says he was her greatest teacher.

Social Media: It’s been said that the way to have a success is to be in front of a wave [trend] so you can be swept along by it. An indication of how far ahead of the curve Silver is in social media is by judging her Klout score. This is a rating system based on one’s influence on the Internet. For example, Silver’s score is 20% higher than Julia Roberts’ and nearly 50% higher than famous author Malcolm Gladwell. This is an indication of Silver’s Klout on a number of different levels and her ability to influence Baby Boomers, Gen-X and Millennials.

Style: Silver takes her work seriously but not herself. She learned this from doing over 100 Standup Comedy Club Presentations. Drawing on her vast experience, she approaches serious subjects with a light touch. She immediately connects with the audience, talking with them, not at them in a relaxed, fun and easy style. They leave feeling good about themselves, and upbeat.