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Author, motivational speaker, talk-show host, entrepreneur, philanthropist and mother of two – just to name a few; Wendy R. Gladney is living proof that attitude is everything. As a child, Wendy was abandoned by her mother and sexually abused by her father. However, a firm believer that we all must do the best with what life hands us, Wendy has gone from “victim” to “victorious” and shares how to embrace happiness, experience joy, and live a fulfilled life without hatred. From her experiences, Wendy has written two books. Her first, Healing Without Hate: How to Forgive to Live, provides uplifting strategies to overcome obstacles and find personal fulfillment. The topic of “Forgiveness” is also the center of Wendy’s second book, The Preacher’s Daughter: A Memory. Wendy’s success with both books has sent her on many speaking engagements. Topics include: rising above abuse and abandonment, bi-racial understanding, overcoming adversity, cancer, divorce, single parenting, and building a business/balancing a life, personal development & management.

A professional consultant and event manager for more than seventeen years, Wendy started with a concept for a single business that has matured into a conglomerate of companies known as Wendy’s Enterprises. Wendy’s companies include: Personal Services Plus, Inc., an event management company known for its unique approach, attention to detail, and personal service; Forgiving For Living, Inc., a nonprofit organization that offers solutions related to issues that require forgiveness; and the PLUS Awards, focusing on those that truly go above and beyond in the community helping others to be their best. No stranger to the media world, Wendy is a guest writer for many publications. She’s the Event Essentials Editor for Suite Events Media Group and is a regular columnist for the Los Angeles Sentinel, and Black Business News, the official publication of the Black Business Association. Contributing to her diverse background, Wendy has also worked in the entertainment industry as an actress and local talk show host. Her local cable talk show, “Building Bridges with Wendy Gladney,” is in syndication and every Friday morning, Wendy can be heard as a guest speaker on KJLH 102.3 FM’s Front Page with Dominique DiPrima. Very active in the community, Wendy believes in giving back. She accomplishes her philanthropic quest through her nonprofit foundation, Forgiving for Living, Inc. Annually, the foundation hosts the PLUS Awards, honoring individuals committed to their communities in the areas of healing and forgiveness. For her own achievements and commitment to community, she has been the recipient of several honors, including the nationally recognized Curvations tribute presented by spokesperson, Queen Latifah in 2007. Wendy’s professionalism is extended through her membership in many notable organizations including: International Special Events Society (ISES), Meeting Professionals International (MPI), National Speakers Association (NSA), Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG), and National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) among others. A native of Southern California, Wendy received her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles. Committed to service through community, faith and family Wendy resides in Southern California.