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Mayumi is a CPA, and former international finance executive, with 20 years of vast financial experience and knowledge. Mayumi left her career with Price Waterhouse working with Fortune 500 companies to use her financial expertise in a more meaningful way. As a socially-conscious, lifestyle entrepreneur, Mayumi’s mission is to inspire and educate entrepreneurs to design and live a life that matters.

Working in the financial niche, Mayumi has formed 4 mission-driven, tech-based service companies in the past 14 years, starting with her work designing custom financial literacy curriculum for kids in schools. In 2004, Mayumi built a virtual coaching company to help entrepreneurs develop money mastery. In 2008, Mayumi innovated the accounting industry when she formed CPA MOMS® - an organization that provides affordable bookkeeping & tax services to entrepreneurs while creating flexible career opportunities for talented mompreneurs. In 2013, Mayumi and her husband started a private lending practice for business owners & real estate investors, and are exploring the possible evolution of that business into a CrowdFunding platform.

Committed to ensuring that entrepreneurs have access to capital, in 2013 Mayumi joined the Board for Valley Economic Development Center (VEDC) – a CDFI and national leader in lending to underserved business owners. Mayumi has dedicated her life to be an ambassador for financial empowerment and conscious capitalism. She is known for her innovative solutions and her uncompromising win-win-win approach to business and life.


Mayumi has a rare and powerful combination of skills, insight, and experience as a business owner, financial expert, and coach. She masterfully simplifies the complex language of money so that it is easy for anyone to understand. As a subject matter expert, Mayumi has educated and inspired thousands of entrepreneurs across the country to use financial data to make better business decisions to grow a business, resulting in an increased awareness and accountability of their financials.

As a lifestyle entrepreneur, Mayumi walks the talk. Mayumi’s refreshing values-based, whole-life approach to business ownership challenges her audiences to look at their role in their business, and take the risks necessary to create a business that is in alignment with their true self. Through her award winning socially conscious company, she inspires entrepreneurs to make a difference while making a profit.

As a panelist, Mayumi shines as she captivates audiences with her compelling and principle-based storytelling. The transparency of her personal successes and failures contributes to her relatability and impact with her audience.

Mayumi generally speaks to franchises, women’s groups, real estate investor groups, CEO networks, and other large groups of emerging businesses with $250K-$5 million in revenues. However, she considers all interested parties so please inquire with enthusiasm! Choose from one of her many popular topics or request a customized seminar tailored to the specific needs of your group.


Mayumi receives her greatest inspiration from her late grandfather, David Jones. Her grandfather and his siblings created a “Family Bank.” After 42 annual family reunions and hundreds of family beneficiaries of the “Family Bank” vision, the Jones family gave new meaning to the concept of “Keeping up with the Joneses.” The Jones family legacy has given Mayumi profound understanding of what a small few can accomplish when they work together.

In the 1940s, when Mayumi’s great-grandmother (David’s mother) was ill, David and his siblings pooled their money to help cover her health care costs. When she recovered, they continued pooling money, borrowed from that pool to buy homes, and repaid borrowings plus interest back to the “Family Bank.”

The Jones siblings then created an educational scholarship fund, and a “Family Bank” that other family members could borrow from. Collectively, seven working siblings: a bus driver, bookkeeper, school teacher, homemaker, and soldiers, created wealth by working together.

A “Family Bank” can bring families together to create wealth collectively, empower family leadership, and pass on a legacy to future generations. This is done by shifting control of wealth creation back to the powerful family unit, by giving every family access to create self-sufficient communities, using simple, proven strategies of the wealthy and affluent.


Mayumi learned from her mother, who only achieved a sixth grade education, that boundaries only exist within one’s mind. Her mother instilled in her the power and opportunities of lifelong learning and the fundamental belief that she could achieve anything she set her mind to. Unwilling to accept the social and economic limitations of her family and community, she went on to graduate from Syracuse University, and to form several companies.

Mayumi’s proudest accomplishment is teaching financial literacy to children. Through her company, Inspire Learning, Ltd, Mayumi has spent the past decade developing programs that inspire children, entrepreneurs and families to be financially aware and accountable.

Mayumi is committed to educating young people and underserved communities and has provided youth programs, mentoring and leadership for over a decade. She has delivered her custom financial education curriculum for kids, which she has voluntarily delivered to multiple youth organizations and thousands of children throughout California, including High Tech High school, the National Council of Negro Women’s symposium for girls, and the youth of Bay Area Community Resources (BACR).

Mayumi has also been an Advisor for California Jump$tart Coalition, a financial literacy advocacy group for kids. She believes that young people deserve to learn today what most adults learned the hard way.