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Wildlife artist, noted speaker, and award-winning author, Fred Krakowiak, realized his genuine love for the animal kingdom at the age of five after a first visit to the zoo with his grandfather. His respective books, Africa: An Artist’s Safari & The Artist’s Safari, exhibit his prowess as a photographer and artist while also being a guide in Africa. Both books vividly chronicle his travels on the continent of Africa. Krakowiak was inspired to capture African animals due to his awareness that one day his artwork and stories of unscripted adventure may be all that remain of these majestic creatures.

A successful Certified Financial Planner for more than thirty years and managing over 100 million in assets, Krakowiak leads the audience on a virtual safari through the jungle of today’s business world to inspire real leadership. Krakowiak believes that traveling in Africa is about total immersion in a place where one’s life is narrowed to what is immediately before their eyes. Using his past experience as an advisor coupled with his personal safari videos and photographs, Krakowiak’s talk produces effective comparisons between his life threatening experiences, where in Africa wrong decisions can often result in death, versus the stress of a business decision that must be made quickly affecting growth and profitability.

Krakowiak propels the art of non-verbal communication to another level. Our body language impacts how we communicate and often reflects our inner feelings, similar to Africa, where the wildlife communicates through their body movements and posture. Krakowiak’s stories reflect how correctly interpreting wildlife through reading their posture and eye movements has saved his life numerous times. Attributing much of his success as an advisor to knowing how to read one’s body language, he shares with the audience how one can identify the characteristics of non-verbal communication, but more importantly, how one can monitor their own body language to ensure that the message they are conveying are ones that say they are open and receptive to what is being discussed or not.

Tracking in Africa brings about unscripted adventures, just as in the world of business; extraordinary achievements are on the other side of any number of obstacles. Krakowiak’s unique presentations motivate the audience to catapult themselves to their next achievement.