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You would probably never use the word “electrifying” to describe Gary, except for the fact that when he speaks he holds the complete attention of his audience. With his smooth, calm, Texas drawl he captures his audiences not with presentations, but with conversations.

His tagline says it well, clear · creative · encouragement. Dr. Gary (as his friends call him, and almost everyone becomes his friend) loves to speak about savoring and treasuring life and work

There are times we all need a word of encouragement. However even more powerful than words is the parallel of story. In Gary’s conversations he invites us into the story of his and other’s lives that allows for a new understanding of how to live life fully, enjoy work more completely, lead with greater heart

Actually, this makes Gary sound like he takes himself more seriously than he does. Your folks will have fun with Dr. Gary’s presentations. He doesn’t try to be funny, he just naturally is. He is especially gifted at laughing at himself.

Smooth, calm, no gimmicks, typically only a microphone, it seems like Gary touches each of your folks in a different way.

His Ph.D. is in Family Consumer Sciences Education from Texas Tech University. His master’s is from the University of North Texas in Public School Administration and bachelor’s from Texas Tech - Family Studies and Home Economics Education. This simply lets you know Gary is a teacher at heart. One great additional value of his academic work is the ability to research, to pull diverse elements together, to place them into a cohesive package, and teach them well. He can present on any number of topics in management, leadership, and business – but all as an encouragement to savor this life we lead.

For seven years Dr. Schwantz served as the Director of Educational Services for The MED Group. He had three key roles at The MED Group. His primary role was in creating an on-line program called MED University. MED University is the industry leader in providing on-line training for the HME Industry – a collection of more than 130 courses all created specifically for the industry. The majority of the MED U courses were written by Dr. Schwantz and he served as editor for all courses. He also served as speaker and facilitator for numerous meetings. Finally, he created EmTrak, an on-line human resource management tool for creating job descriptions, setting goals and providing employee evaluations.

Dr. Schwantz taught for ten years as faculty in the College of Human Sciences at Texas Tech University and twice received recognition from students as Outstanding Faculty. At the University, Dr. Schwantz taught courses in Interpersonal Skills, Law in the Hotel/Restaurant Industry, and a course entitled Human Sciences Seminar, a course designed for soon-to-be graduates to be successful after graduation.

Gary has been speaking and teaching for years, but about five years ago made the jump to doing this as his life’s work. One of the common themes in his presentations is to live life as an adventure – so he finds himself practicing what he preaches. His first book, Get To or Got To? (choosing to love life, or not) was published in 2009. His second eCouragements: Email Messages on Savoring Life will be published late 2012.