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Les Brown is the leading authority on releasing human potential and enhancing lives. As a renowned professional speaker, personal development coach, author and former television personality, Les Brown has risen to national and international prominence by capturing audiences with electrifying speeches, challenging them to live up to their greatness.

Born a twin in low-income Liberty City near Miami, Florida, Les and his twin brother, Wes, were adopted when they were six weeks old. Les was academically and behaviorally challenged as a child and labeled as a slow learner. This damaging label hampered his self-esteem until a former teacher challenged Les to expand his mind and talents beyond the expectation of others.

Les initiated a process of relentless self-education, helping him realize greatness in himself and others. He rose from a hip-talking morning DJ to community leader; a political commentator to three-term legislator and found his greatest talent and impact as a premier keynote speaker and trainer.

In 1986, Les entered the public speaking arena on a full-time basis. After three years in the public speaking arena, Les received the National Speakers Association’s highest honor: The Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE). He was also selected one of the World’s Top Five Speakers by Toastmasters International and honored with the Golden Gavel Award.

Les recorded an Emmy-award winning PBS special and is the author of two highly acclaimed books. Additionally, he is the former host of a nationally syndicated daily television talk show which focused on solutions rather than problems. While Les Brown is one of the most sought after speakers for many organizations, Les has found yet another passion for changing lives.

Les Brown decided to share his secrets of success, but personally train and develop others to become better communicators and speakers in their own arenas, thus creating The Les Brown Speakers Network.

The intense training required by Les Brown welcomes persons from all walks of life to learn how to create presentations, execute a powerful delivery, and customize speeches to teach, inspire, and channel an audience to new levels of achievement.

Members of The Les Brown Speakers Network have found an inner-voice they never knew existed. They are known to mesmerize audiences throughout the world because of Les Brown’s commitment to developing a new generation of life changers and communicators.

Les Brown currently trains more than 1,500 speakers and continues to reinvent himself to positively change the world.