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Suzie’s background is as varied as her audiences... From administrative secretary to Television Talk Show Host, to 20 years in radio. She has hobnobbed with movie stars and politicians interviewed the great and the “near” great. She has made hundreds of commercials, done musical comedy and motion pictures. She has been fired, been broke, been disappointed, been a petrified expectant mother at 40 years old and lived her life with a passion for learning not only how to be better, but to see things differently. She lifts, jolts and nurtures her audiences and they love every minute of it! She makes them laugh until they swear they can’t laugh anymore....then she “grabs” them again!

As a motivational and inspirational humorist, Suzie Humphreys got one of the longest “standing ovations” on record from the National Speakers Association when she spoke to 2500 of her peers at their National Convention in Palm Springs, California. In 2002, Suzie was inducted into The Speaker Hall of Fame at their National Convention in Orlando and was awarded “The Council of Peers Award of Excellence. In 2004, she was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and, as Suzie says...”All that for a D minus student! You never know do you?”

Suzie is one of the most compelling speakers on the platform today, taking her message from corporations to conventions, hospitals to classrooms; she is at home with people of all ages and all walks of life. The reason men and women relate to her is because she tells the truth about her failures and her arguments with her husband and how she wrestles with her hilarious but “painful” relationship with her 95 year old mother. These stories prove her point that, regardless of what the situation or the problem in the job or the relationship, it is NOT the “problem that’s the problem” it is “MY THINKING ABOUT THE PROBLEM.” It is “close to the bone stuff” It is everybody’s “stuff!!” 

She has criss-crossed the country to over 2,000 groups, every kind imaginable. She has stayed in fancy hotels, and “mom and pop” motels. She has spoken to small town Chambers of Commerce and big city founding fathers and her message of truth and plain spoken values rings in the hearts of all communities who are not just trying to “survive” the times but flourish in them. She believes that you can do anything you want to do and enjoy getting there “heartbreak and all!”

When she leaves the stage there remains the unmistakable warmth of having been touched, and the unshakable affirmation that whether ordinary of extraordinary, through good times or bad, caught in mid-frailty or new accomplishment “Life really is the greatest thing ever!”