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Originally from Pittsfield, MA Karen started out in the entertainment business as a cigarette girl in Las Vegas nearly sixteen years ago. Back then her days were spent selling cigarettes in the casino at Caesar’s and her nights were spent performing and learning the business of stand up at the Riviera Comedy club. A few years later Karen moved to San Diego CA. In her new “second home” Karen quickly became a regular at The Comedy Store and at The Improv.

Today Karen is a favorite at corporate events and private parties everywhere. Her career has taken her to three countries and 45 of the 50 states. Her credits include working with such acts as Bob Hope, Ray Charles and the monkeys. She has been featured in spots on Comedy Central and has been a featured performer on the Bob and Tom Show. She is a feature writer in the soon to be released book “Road Stores” by Rich Shydner and Mark Schiff as well as The 1998 Women’s Lip edited by Roz Warren and Moxxie Greeting Cards. She just recently made her acting debut playing the lead role of Sue Burrows in the upcoming movie short “Return to Sender”.

Her comedy influences are Gracie Allen (who she refers to as the “Goddess” of all Comedy) Bob Newhart, Jerry Sienfeld and Phylis Dillar.