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Dale Irvin is a comedian, speaker and author. As a comedian, Dale has appeared on over 100 national television shows including appearances on Showtime, MTV, A&E, HBO, Oprah, and America’s Funniest People.

As a speaker, Dale reaches over 100,000 people a year with his message of laughter therapy. He is a Certified Speaking Professional and has been accepted into the CPAE Speakers Hall of Fame.

Dale is the author of seven books including “Laughter Doesn’t Hurt” and “Dale Irvin Rewrites History”. He also publishes Funny Business, a monthly humor newsletter now in its 18th year.

The Speaker

Dale’s keynote presentation is called “Laughter Doesn’t Hurt” after his 1995 book of the same title. You will learn the When, Why, Where, and How of laughter as Dale takes you on a very funny journey to discover all of the benefits laughter holds for your life.

For a lot of fun, try Dale’s “Custom Put-On.” With this speech, Dale is introduced as a character ranging from your new vice president of R&D to the assistant to the head of the FBI. This speech will confuse and baffle everybody until they catch on and enjoy the fun.

If your group needs a shot of creative thinking, Dale offers a three hour seminar titled “Power Thinking” which will show you how to think in whole new ways that will assist you in problem solving, marketing ideas, and product development.

The Ultimate Emcee

The best way to insure a great meeting is to keep it moving with the help of a professional emcee; and Dale Irvin is the most unique you will find. In addition to keeping your meeting on time, Dale makes it funny and interesting with his one-of-a-kind “Five Minute Funnies”. As speakers speak and events unfold, Dale presents his instant observations in the form of a comedy monologue written on the spot.  One of Dale’s clients hit the nail on the head when she said, “What Billy Crystal brings to the Academy Awards, you brought to our meeting.”