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TEEN TRUTH Co-creator Erahm Christopher is an award-winning filmmaker, published author and speaker who has created content and live experiences for audiences of all ages throughout the US and Canada. His productions contain thought-provoking messages that inspire critical thinking and change from individuals of all ages. Christopher has traveled across North America presenting to schools, government agencies, corporations and non-profit organizations including Special Olympics International, The US Department of Justice, Lifetouch, Boys and Girls Club of America and Carnival Cruise Lines. His films have been screened on television and in festivals across North America and his work has inspired state legislation and spawned youth development programs for celebrity and corporate clients. In the last six years, he has reached over 425,000 lives with TEEN TRUTH’s message of empowerment and making a difference.

When not speaking or making films, Christopher serves as the Creative Director of TEEN TRUTH, providing the artistic focus for all of the company produced films, live experiences and consulting services. Outside of TEEN TRUTH Christopher produces and directs films, provides consulting services, seminars, teaches filmmaking to youth through his GO FILM! Workshop, and serves as President of the A Third Party charity.

Christopher earned a Bachelors of Arts degree from Santa Clara University and Film Degree from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.