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“Be the change you want to see in the world…”

Ghandi’s words, our vision. Todd Huston envisions a world where there are no boundaries to the potential good a person can be or experience. His hope is that everyone can break free of the bonds of fear that hold them back from the power to do good for themselves, their loved ones and for the world. Our state-of-mind can create a life and culture that either keeps or breaks our self-imposed barriers. Throughout history those who changed the world did so by overcoming their challenges, fears and doubts, and so can YOU.

“Every challenge is an opportunity. Every opportunity is a challenge.”

Todd Huston is an amputee, author, world record holder and inventor whose life is committed to inspiring others to be their best. With his journey of pain, determination and adventure, including his expedition to the highest peaks in all 50 United States, others are able to overcome their challenges. His story helps everyone realize they too can reach new heights of well-being, success, and happiness.

“If I have startled your mind, exposed the fear you hold onto, and have left hope in your heart, then I have done what I have come to do.” - Todd Huston


Todd Huston knows how to overcome incredible challenges. When his legs got caught in the propeller of a boat at age 14, his life was radically changed. He battled to keep his legs with numerous surgeries, but bone disease eventually forced him to have one leg amputated.

Todd became a psychotherapist and clinical director of the Amputee Resource Center in California. He also worked in psychiatric hospitals for adults, adolescents and children. He used his professional skills and personal experiences to help patients achieve more in their lives. He also trained health-care professionals and authored articles in working with individuals coping with disabilities.

Then Todd did the unimaginable, to prove that you can overcome challenges he completed a world record-setting Summit America expedition by climbing to the highest elevations of all 50 states in only 66 days 22 hours and 47 minutes, shattering the original record by 35 days!

Todd has been featured in thousands of publications throughout the world, including Sports Illustrated, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal as well as the popular book, Chicken Soup for the Soul, A Second Helping. He has appeared as a special guest on CBS Year in Sports and Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power. Todd has been interviewed on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, TNN, Inside Edition, and Extra plus numerous radio programs.

Several distinguished honors have been awarded to Todd including U.S. Jaycees’ Ten Outstanding Young Americans, the Henry Iba Award for Outstanding Citizen Athlete, the Class Act Award, The Power to Dream Achiever Award and the American Red Cross’s Everyday Hero Award.

Todd is the author of the book More Than Mountains: The Todd Huston Story and has hosted inspirational radio and television programs.


  • World record holder for climbing the highest elevation of each state in shortest time–beat able bodied record by 35 days as a leg amputee
  • Author, More Than Mountains: The Todd Huston Story
  • Featured in Chicken Soup for the Soul, A Second Helping.
  • Featured in True Tales of the Mountains.
  • Awarded Ten Outstanding Young Americans 1999.
  • Awarded Everyday Hero Award by American Red Cross 1999.
  • Awarded Ten Outstanding Young Tulsans 1997.
  • Awarded Henry Iba Award for Citizen Athlete of the Year 1997.
  • Selected as Distinguished Oklahoman in 2002.
  • Awarded The Power to Dream Achiever Award 2011
  • Awarded Class Act Award from Phillips Petroleum.
  • Awarded Memorial High School Hall of Fame (Tulsa).
  • Elected and served as a City Councilor for Tulsa, OK.
  • Patented inventor of prosthetic device. U.S. Patent #5,984,972
  • Featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, TBN, C-SPAN, Inside Edition, Extra, Robert Schuller’s Hour of Power and many other televised programs.
  • In hundreds of articles including, Sports Illustrated, L.A Times, Wall Street Journal and Forbes.
  • International speaker who has performed from Australia to Bosnia and throughout the United States.
  • Hired by schools to do programs of personal responsibility for school-children teaching, honesty, citizenship, caring, responsibility and respect.

Education/Professional Credentials

  • Masters in Counseling Psychology, graduated Magna Cum Laude, Certificate of Leadership
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, concentration in finance.
  • Financial Advisor – Series 7 Licensed.
  • President Huston Resources, Inc. 1994 to present.
  • Vice President Amputee Resource Foundation of America, Inc. 1999 to present.
  • Elected CEO Tulsa Christian Business Alliance.
  • Prior work included clinical director of Amputee Resource Center; psychiatric assistant to psychiatric hospitals; child, adolescent and family therapy.