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Norma T. Hollis, an international authority on authenticity and self-awareness, is a change agent who serves as a catalyst for transformational growth in individuals and organizations. Her presentations teach leaders a tool that can serve as a framework for sustainable growth and culture change.

Norma’s process teaches self-awareness, the number one quality of authentic leaders. She helps leaders identify and accentuate their most authentic qualities and implement ways to compensate for their gaps. When leaders become authentic, they are more approachable, and have increased their ability to engage their teams, raise employee morale, reduce interpersonal conflicts and accept change.

When the framework is applied to the organization as a whole, leaders gain clarity of gaps that need their attention, confirmation of next steps and a view of how leaders can collectively improve communication and leadership.

The framework is based on Norma’s signature work, the Authenticity Grid, a nine-dimension graphic representation of a new perspective to understand self, others, and organizations. She developed the Authenticity Grid while spending 30 years studying human nature from personal and professional perspectives. During this time, she directed several large urban non-profit Head Start programs, consulted with Fortune 500 companies, and was the first black woman to own a speakers’ bureau for black speakers.

She has written multiple books, audios and videos of her work and contributed to numerous articles, books and internet programs. Her most recent book is Blueprint for Engagement: Authentic Leadership, published by Taylor & Francis.

Norma offers dynamic presentations that are immediately engaging. She introduces audiences to new perspectives of themselves, generally through an original assessment, poetry, research and case studies. She ends with instructions to ‘tune-up’ life and work, and/or a blueprint for a transformational process. Her programs offer clarity, confirmation of next steps, and the inspiration to courageously move forward.

In addition to corporate audiences interested in authentic leadership, Norma’s work is also appropriate for college students seeking to clarify career goals, people in career change, retirees and women’s groups.

Her work is acclaimed in multiple industries and countries and is rapidly growing!