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As an authenticity and self-awareness expert, Norma T. Hollis offers new perspectives on human nature, leadership and teamwork. She keeps audiences engaged and informed as she guides them on a journey inside of themselves while helping them gain more understanding and therefore tolerance of each other. In the process she inspires audiences to take action to get more engaged in life.

Norma researched authenticity and self-awareness for 30 years and discovered nine dimensions that impact our knowledge of self and how we engage in the world. Her work helps people gain clarity about themselves, confirmation about their life and courage to modify themselves to achieve their best life.

She applies her concepts of authenticity to three specific areas:

AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP – Authentic leaders have the capacity to transform organizations and forge major change. The number one component of authentic leadership is self-awareness. A person who is aware of self also knows their strengths and vulnerabilities. When these leaders leverage their strengths and fortify their vulnerabilities they can achieve organizational transformation.

AUTHENTIC COMMUNICATION – Communication connects our inner world to others. Self-awareness resides in the inner world. With a deeper understanding of self we adopt new styles of communication grounded in respect, peace, truth and true regard for others.

RAISING AUTHENTIC CHILDREN – Our own self-awareness is the foundation for raising children who become self-accepting and emotionally mature adults. We positively impact our personal world and the entire society when we raise self-aware, authentic children.

Norma’s understanding of self-awareness is grounded in her degree in human development and two decades directing large educational programs. In her second career she owned a speaker bureau and expanded her knowledge by studying speakers and how they shared their message. Now as a speaker herself, Norma speaks, trains and coaches on the value of self-awareness and how it can be achieved through authenticity. She is committed to making a difference in the world by helping people gain the strength and well-being that comes from self-awareness so that they can positively impact society and the organizations they work with.

In 2014 Norma was identified as one of the Top 100 Professionals in the Health Promotion Industry. She was also awarded the Collaborator of the Year award from the Professional Speakers Association. She is a Board Certified Coach and certifies coaches and speakers to deliver her authenticity process. She’s the author of Ten Steps to Authenticity and The Process to Become a Professional Speaker. In addition, she has produced many workbooks, audios, videos and programs that apply authenticity concepts in multiple ways. Her signature accomplishment is the Authenticity Grid, a graphic representation of the nine dimensions of authenticity and the Authenticity Assessment, a self-assessment that provides an overview of an individual’s perceived level of authenticity and self-awareness.