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Marian Kelly was “born in a merry hour.” When Marian’s father learned he finally had a daughter, he fed ice cream and cake to his seven sons until they all had stomach-aches. Years later, this story inspired one of the boys to remark, “See, you’ve been making me sick since the day you were born.”

Growing up the eighth child of ten, Marian needed a sense of humor just to survive. Thus was planted the seed that grew into one of the freshest and most original humorists of her generation. A woman with eight brothers knows that “the same guy who won’t eat off a fork that’s been dropped on the floor in a restaurant, in his own home, will take a sandwich in the bathroom with him.” 

Marian may be the only female speaker working today who has 14 years’ experience touring full-time as a professional comedian. She has performed in 34 states including Alaska and
Hawaii, for every kind of audience, from nightclubs to universities to corporate events. It’s hard to throw a curve to a speaker who has been heckled in every conceivable setting. “I once had a drunk yell out, ‘You’re the fattest woman I’ve ever seen.’ I said, ‘Then you’ve led a sheltered life.’”

Marian makes no apologies for her size, and refuses to make jokes at her own expense. The fashion industry, however, is fair game – “You can’t find great-looking underwear in my size. I go looking for Frederick’s of Hollywood, I bring home Heidi of the Alps. Can’t wear it right away – gotta cut the sleeves off first.”

Marian has gained a reputation for clean, clever wit and relatable style. A comment she often hears is, “That same thing happened to me — but you made it funny!”