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“I am most interested in providing auctioneering services for organizations that ‘make a difference’…and I look forward to meeting you - and working together to maximize your funding levels for your event.”

- Joe


  • Joseph B. Diehl will be the emcee and auctioneer at your event, which will include a segment called “fund the need” (also known as “raise the paddle”). You may request a live demonstration of his auctioneering approach, live – in your office on a mutually-agreeable date and time.
  • Your organization will assist the auctioneer in preparing for the event estimated to require 20-25 hours of time required by Mr. Diehl prior to the event, in interacting with staff (plus three required reports - see * below).
  • Two event workers are provided as a part of our services at no additional charge:
    1. A bid caller who assists Joe in watching for bidders during the live auction (the bid caller shouts out “yep” to the auctioneer and calls out the winning bid number for Joe to announce – which adds to the excitement of the event!); and
    2. A scribe who works behind the scene, who dutifully records every bid, as a back-up to your staff. Note: your staff actually records the item sold, the winning bid amount and winning bidder number; and processes the transaction as the buyer departs. From our records, we bill the buyer’s premium (see Compensation, below). That amount is due and payable within 30 days of the event. The buyer’s premium is due, whether the buyer actually pays for the item or not. In addition, we ensure a tape recording is made of the entire event in the case of discrepancies.


  • The auctioneer, his two additional auction staff, and the speaker’s bureau who contracts for the event, are paid by way of a “buyer’s premium” of 20%.
  • “Buyer’s premium” defined: an advertised percentage of the high bid or flat fee added to the high bid to determine the total contract price to be paid by the buyer. It covers all of the staffing costs during the live auction. Note: in 1975, Christie’s and Southby’s instituted the use of a buyer’s premium, and it is now used by 80% of all auctions held in the United States.
  • By implementing a buyer’s premium, your organization receives the FULL amount of the winning bid. The winning bidder pays the winning bid, plus 20%.
  • The signs advising attendees that a buyer’s premium will be collected on each winning bid, are provided by us at no charge, and are displayed prominently throughout the venue. The auctioneer will remind bidders before the auction begins, and from time-to-time, that a buyer’s premium will be collected at the register when they pick up and pay for their items.
  • If a buyer’s premium is not your traditional approach for your event, please ask for a flat-fee quote.


  • Your staff will manage and control the items being and assign consecutive numbers (called, a “lot numbers”),
  • In addition to the 20-25 hours needed to interact with staff prior the event, the auctioneer will be provided three reports* by your staff, seven days before the event:
    1. An accurate but brief description of each lot number and its estimated retail value (as well as any last minute additions, the day of the event);
    2. A list in advance of the attendees and their bid numbers; and
    3. A list of the top 25 (expected) high bidders attending (so their names AND their bid numbers can be memorized by the auctioneer).
  • Your staff (or a company with whom you contract) will provide all staffing, catering, event management and cash register/credit card processing activities. All we do is the auctioneering!
  • Your staff will process and account for all cash, check or credit card payments as the attendee collects his items and departs.
  • Winning bids, plus the applicable sales tax, is applied to the total price paid by the winning bidder (that is, the winning bid plus buyer’s premium x sales tax rate). Your organization is responsible for the collection and payment of all sales taxes to the applicable government agency.
  • Your organization will provide and assign to each attendee, a bid card or paddle, which must have a unique number printed on both sides, and visible from the stage.


  • Joseph B. Diehl graduated from the Missouri Auction School ( in January, 2017. Missouri Auction School is the #1 auction school in the nation. While he had conducted prior auctions without any formal training, this ten day program improved his skills greatly.
  • Since that graduation, Joe has conducted two successful auctions for the Northwest Indian Housing Association (NWIHA) and has been contracted to be their auctioneer on September 12, 2017.
  • Joe’s nonprofit career began in 1990, and included managing events ranging in size from 23 attendees to 663 attendees. His sense of humor, stage presence and ease with the microphone has made him successful in front of any size of crowd. Topics such as politics and religion are never raised.
  • His academic and professional credentials include:
    • JD, the John Marshall Law School, Chicago, IL (1979)
    • BS in Accountancy, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, IL (1971)
    • Attorney at Law, Admitted - Illinois Bar on 4/26/79. Registered - Supreme Court of Illinois #3123278
    • Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Illinois (1972)
    • Certificate, University of Washington School of Law, Professional Mediation Program (2002).
  • From 1971 to 1989, Joe served in a variety of accounting positions, and ultimately became the Chief Financial Officer of a major real estate investment management company in Los Angeles.
  • Since October 2016, he volunteers two days per week at Seattle Goodwill, doing donor research in the Philanthropy Department.
  • Joe is also a consultant for the National American Indian Housing Council in Washington, DC, a national nonprofit serving Tribal housing professionals, on an “as needed” basis.
  • He traveled to Orissa State in India with Congressman Jim McDermott in November 2010 as a part of a Trade Mission under the Obama Administration.
  • Joe was appointed by Governor Gary Locke in 2001 to serve on Washington State’s Affordable Housing Advisory Board (AHAB), which advises the governor on the state’s affordable housing initiatives (ending in 2009).

Note: Diehl & Co. LLC is licensed and bonded as an auction company, WA State #2465 and Joseph B. Diehl is a licensed and bonded professional auctioneer, WA State #3071.

Diehl & Co. LLC is a Washington State Limited Liability Company Federal EID# 20-2992304